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Updated 9/14/19


We currently fill 64oz and 32oz growlers to go.  You can buy a growler imprinted with our logo, or bring your own.  If you bring your own it must be an appropriate vessel for draft filling and be clean.  

We suggest drinking your growler as soon as possible and keeping the beer cold for maximum draft fresh taste.

We now have 32oz cans for sale. The “crowler” is great if you want your beer to remain fresh longer and is a convenient to go option.  



An American Porter brewed using dark roasted malts.  This beer features locally made cold brewed coffee from Brandy’s Cup of Joe in Hornell. A real treat for the coffee lover.

ABV – 6.0%
IBU – 40

Humble Beeginnings

A dark colored ale brewed with a Belgian yeast strain roasted malts and locally sourced golden rod honey.

ABV – 6.5%
IBU – 25

Cellar Biere

A fruity, spicy, saison style beer. 

ABV – 4.8%
IBU – 30


A hybrid pale using our german ale yeast and a simple grain bill to highlight different hop varieties.  Hop varieties vary.

ABV – 5.5%
IBU – 60


A Belgian classic wheat beer brewed with coriander and orange peel.  Unmalted wheat gives this beer its characteristic “white” color. 

ABV – 4.5%
IBU – 15


A nod to an American classic with its sights on the future.  Light in appearance with plenty of flavor.  Brewed with German Ale yeast, Pilsner Malt, Oats and Corn. European and American Hops.  This beer has hints of dark berries inside a clean malt backdrop.  A brewery favorite. 

ABV – 5.5%
IBU – 32


A german style blonde ale brewed with Pilsner and 2 Row malts and spicy noble type hops a nod to the german brewers of Hornell’s past.

ABV – 5.2%
IBU – 23

Amber Ale

A light American amber ale.  A mild malty sweetness, balanced with a dose of British style hops, and a hint of fruit from our American Ale yeast.  We think this a goes great with all types of foods.

ABV – 4.8%
IBU – 35


Brewed in the style of the classic ales of Germany, this beer is bready and slightly sweet with a crisp finish.  German malts, German and American Hop varieties.

ABV – 5.5%
IBU – 35

American Wheat

A straightforward beer designed to put the wheat flavors at the forefront.  Lightly hopped with a single variety of noble type hops, and fermented with our American yeast strain.

ABV – 4.6%
IBU – 17


A dry and hoppy beer brewed with malted rye to accentuate the spice and fruitiness contributed by the specialty saison yeast.  Notes of tangerine, vanilla, and pepper.

ABV – 6.1%
IBU – 30

Spiced Red

A deep ruby colored ale featuring aromas of dark fruits and spices. Brewed using orange peel, vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks post fermentation gives this ale just a hint of those elements without overpowering the drinker. Flavor is clean and light…you could have 2…

ABV – 6.6%
IBU – 35

Belgian Pale Ale

A low gravity Belgian Beer that is dry hopped with classic noble hops.  Moderate bitterness with an underlying bready sweetness.  Slightly tart and fruity. 

ABV – 5.3%
IBU – 20


A pale Belgian style beer brewed with quince fruit.  This is a fruity ale with a smooth body.  Characteristics of this beer are vanilla, pears and apples, as well as a slight tartness. 

ABV – 6.9%
IBU – 35

Smokey the Beer

A German ale with a hint of beechwood smoked malt flavor.  Brewed with bready German malts and balanced noble hop aroma.  

ABV – 5.5%
IBU – 20

Off the Cuff

The result of a “happy accident” in the brewery.  This Belgian style ale is light in body but has lots of yeast derived complexity.  A fruity and slightly spicy elixir.   

ABV – 7.3%
IBU – 18

Imperial Stout

A strong stout brewed with highly roasted malts that hints at coffee and dark chocolate.  Oats balance the roasted flavors and earthy hops provide a crisp bitterness.  

ABV – 8.5%
IBU – 58


A hoppy ale brewed with a large portion of rye malt for a touch of spice to balance out the fruit forward hops additions.   

ABV – 6.5%
IBU – 51

Oatmeal Stout

A super smooth balanced pub style stout.  Flavors of roasted coffee and chocolate combine with a mild fruitiness.  Oats used in the mash contribute to its smooth nature.

ABV – 5.2%
IBU – 30


A beer that emphasizes balance and drinkability.  Smooth bitterness and aromas of pine and citrus.  Brewed with two varieties of hops a nice pub style IPA.

ABV – 7.4%
IBU – 65


A truly American take on a British style.  Roasted malt aromas mix with a crisp hops that are earthy and interesting.

ABV – 6.5%
IBU – 40